SYL introduces a robust and integrated one stop solution for all tertiary institutions in Africa named Academe. With Academe, institutions may now instantly OWN a set of carefully developed school management software, without having to incur any initial costs.

At SYL, we believe that academic or technical/vocational institutions should be proactively supported to focus on their core, while SYL bothers about how technologies are developed, implemented and deployed for effective and efficient management of academic and non-academic concerns, in a most affordable manner.

Features of Academe

  1. A robust and fully functional staff and student Electronic Portal System (ePortal) for administrative, academic and financial management processes, procedures and activities
  2. A fully functional ePayment system that works with the Official Bankers of the institution
  3. A fully functional and robust e-Learning Portal for online course access, tracking and evaluation of student
  4. A fully functional eLibrary System that is stocked with eBooks pulled from global academic and professional repositories as desired by the institution
  5. A fully functional and interactive Mobile Application branded completely in the institutions colours and logo for the the Android and iOS platforms.
  6. A one-year content conversion and development service package for converting all the Institution’s learning material to e-Format,  for the mobile app, the eLibrary and the eLearning portal.
  7.  A renewable 24/7 technical support package for an effective period of one year.
  8.  A technical guarantee of data security and integrity by the adoption of international best practices.
  9. A guarantee of instant total ownership of the technology by the institution from inception. All source codes, technologies and data are resident on the institutions servers.
  10. Free Web registration, hosting, design and development services
  11. A comprehensive training scheme for the Institution’s ICT team, end-users and students on the adoption of Academe 2.0, with the provision of a comprehensive user manual.

How it Works

  1. The Institution signs up on Academe. Please note that Terms and Conditions apply.
  2. Our Academe Deployment Team visits the Institution for an audit of existing technical infrastructure and systems.
  3. The Institution enjoys all these incredible benefits

For further Information, please call Bernard on 07034559613 or Tosin on 09090004357.