SYL launches Schoolmate 3.0

SYL Creative, the tech arm of SYL has finally delivered the long awaited student utility mobile application named Schoolmate 3.0.

Schoolmate,a trademark of SYL which has under several conceptual phases from the introduction of SYL’s flagship affordable tablets (schoolMate 1.0, depreciated), to the introduction of the SchoolMate SaaS model (Schoolmate 2.0, now named Academe).

Schoolmate 3.0 is a customizable student utility mobile application developed for any type of training organisation that seeks cutting edge technologies for optimal student satisfaction and impact. On deployment as a custom app, it enables all student and staff enjoy instant news feed, timetable notifications, instant messaging, course information, useful articles, advertisements and social media feeds.

In addition, this app allows student to get notification about their results, academic status (i.e. the CGPA) and payment status. Whenever necessary, Schoolmate 3.0 also allows students to have access to their course materials via the eLearning module.

Parents or Guardian are also able to install the app as a performance alert system, granting them access to their wards studentship status in terms of grades and fees.

The mobile app also allows prospective students derive useful tips about their prospects, before engaging the website.



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Moodle-Interswitch Enrollment Plugin (MoodleSwitch 3.1) Released


SYL announces the release of the third Version of the Interswitch enrollment Plugin, MoodleSwitch 3.1. MoodleSwitch works on Moodle 3+. Also built into this latest version is a site wide configuration utility.

The Interswitch payment platform is undoubtedly the most popular online payment option in Nigeria. Since the Moodle Learning Management System is as popular, it became necessary to implement Interswitch as an enrollment plugin so that Course creators can receive their monies online on via the Interswitch payment platform.

What you’ll get if you purchase the plugin:

1. Free Hosting and Installation of a fully functional Moodle Site
2. Installation of the Moodle_Interswitch Payment Plugin
3. Technical Support for 1 Month from date of purchase

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JAMBPREP 1.4 Released

SYL is set to release the fourth iteration of the fast selling JAMB’s UTME Preparation PC based software known as JAMBPREP 1.4 .


1. SmartStart and VGC Included in package
2. English Language subject  omission corrected
3. No longer requires Network interface device for Activation
4. Automatically provides updates