SYL launches Schoolmate 3.0

SYL Creative, the tech arm of SYL has finally delivered the long awaited student utility mobile application named Schoolmate 3.0. Schoolmate,a trademark of SYL which has under several conceptual phases from the introduction of SYL’s flagship affordable tablets (schoolMate 1.0, depreciated), to the introduction of the SchoolMate SaaS model (Schoolmate 2.0, now named Academe). Schoolmate

JAMBPREP 1.4 Released

SYL is set to release the fourth iteration of the fast selling JAMB’s UTME Preparation PC based software known as JAMBPREP 1.4 . Features 1. SmartStart and VGC Included in package 2. English Language subject  omission corrected 3. No longer requires Network interface device for Activation 4. Automatically provides updates GET IT NOW!