Are you a philanthropist, faith based organisation, politician, charity organisation, NGO or social entrepreneur? Are you passionate about creating an intelligent society? Do you want to build a team of IT creatives who will help realize your noble dreams and objectives? Daylight Foundation in Partnership with SYL Introduces the EMTC Sponsorship Scheme.

The Elite Multimedia Training Camp (EMTC ) is a convergence of professionals and intending professionals in the field of Multimedia Development. The training workshop avails participants to become proficient in essential digital communication skills such as graphics design, video editing, animations, web development and interactive media for PC’s and Mobile devices, in an all in one programme. Please see details about the EMTC here

The EMTC sponsorship Scheme is a fantastic opportunity for you to express your good will towards individuals or groups who ordinarily are not capable of affording the 50,000 Naira registration fee for Quarterly Multimedia Training workshop organised by SYL Multimedia.

How it works

Interested sponsors or partners simply register an even number people for the Training workshop (e.g 10,16, 100) and make payments for only half of the candidates being sponsored.

Example, if you are sponsoring 10 people, you make payments for only 5 of the individuals. The remaining half of beneficiaries are subsequently enrolled via the scheme, as funded and facilitated by Daylight Foundation, Nigeria.

The minimum numbers of candidates per sponsor is 4. This means that with only N100, 000, you can get four people enrolled as a sponsor.  All sponsored Candidates must be enrolled for the all-in-one programme.

Benefits of Being a Sponsor

  1. All Sponsors will have their brands profiled and on the EMTC Hall of fame Blog, and publicly appreciated during the closing press conference at the end of the workshop sessions
  2. All Sponsors are rewarded with free technical or support services as provided by the SYL Creative Team
  3. All Sponsors who intend to build their own team get more value for money
  4. All Sponsors are appreciated and celebrated with a certificate of partnership and souvenirs
  5. Aside from the tangible benefits, sponsors would have contributed to a cause that will not only ensure the reduction of unemployment and poverty in our society, but also noted as a player in the technological advancement of Nigeria.

How to become a Sponsor

  1. Register as a Sponsor(see form below)
  2. Provide the Names of all the Candidates you are sponsoring. If you are buying sponsorship slots, kindly just indicate the numbers of candidates that you are covering. Daylight Foundation will find and enrol candidates to fill in your slots and forward all their names and contacts to you, subsequently.

Sponsors are specially informed about their need to be present at the Introductory Seminar scheduled for 4th April, 2017. For further enquiries, please do contact Tosin (SYL Multimedia) on 08139737650 or Yinka (Daylight Foundation) on 08139739893.

Remember, together, we can deliver an intelligent Society.

Please provide all the requested information