The Institute of Multimedia Technology is a special tertiary institution for individuals or corporate organisations with interests in cutting edge digital media technologies.

The institution’s mission is to leverage on open, accessible and relevant repository of available technical information to fashion a very strong faculty of technology creatives who will constantly define the future of digital media for Nigeria, and indeed Africa.

Some of the starting courses include:

  • Web and Business Information Systems
  • Introduction to Robotics & AI
  • Immersive Interaction and Game Design
  • e-Learning Design and Development
  • Interactive Data Visualization
  • Advanced Video Post-Production & VFX
  • Advanced 3D Modelling and Animations
  • Computer-Aided Drawing/Design (CAD)
  • Advanced Digital Sound Authoring
  • Introduction to Augmented & Virtual Reality
  • Corporate Cyberspace Management
  • Application Development for Mobile devices
  • Open Source Health Information Systems
  • User Interface/Experience Design…and much more