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Moodle-Interswitch Enrollment Plugin (MoodleSwitch 3.1) Released


SYL announces the release of the third Version of the Interswitch enrollment Plugin, MoodleSwitch 3.1. MoodleSwitch works on Moodle 3+. Also built into this latest version is a site wide configuration utility.

The Interswitch payment platform is undoubtedly the most popular online payment option in Nigeria. Since the Moodle Learning Management System is as popular, it became necessary to implement Interswitch as an enrollment plugin so that Course creators can receive their monies online on via the Interswitch payment platform.

What you’ll get if you purchase the plugin:

1. Free Hosting and Installation of a fully functional Moodle Site
2. Installation of the Moodle_Interswitch Payment Plugin
3. Technical Support for 1 Month from date of purchase

Purchase and Download Plugin Here