JAMBPREP Click here to buy online

Ten year pool |  SMS Install | Price: N1,000

JAMBPREP is an offline application made up of the yearly UTME JAMB past questions pooled from over 10 years of the examination. Questions on 10 major JAMB subjects are presented randomly and programmed to return instant feedbacks. After Installation you may answer a set of questions while your performance is scored immediately at the click of a button. That means you can have an immediate assessment of your performance as many times as possible , and anywhere you are. JAMBPREP also prompts you for updates, when you are online.The JAMBPREP CD’s are absolutely free at all SYL outlets. You may also download the software here. However, to access the software, you must purchase the keys. Access keys now sell for N1000 ($6) Only! For Technical Support, Please Call +234 8139737650 or +234 8038615445 or send an email to admin@sylmultimedia.com.
Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8. | Min.Requirement : 1G RAM


SMARTSTART Download Online Demo

Basic Computer Appreciation | Multi-Language Support| Price: Free

smartSMARTSTART is free computer appreciation training software packaged with Schoolmate(TM) for the benefit of those who have little or no knowledge on how to use a windows based desktop computer. In other words, with Smartstart, you will learn how to use computer with ease and in an interactive fashion. The design and development of Smartstart is presently sponsored by the Daylight Foundation. Interested sponsors are welcome. Smarstart presenlty comes in English and Yoruba. Please click here to download the English version. Click here to download the Yoruba version.

Custom copies are however produced for individual and corporate bodies on request. Advert slots are also available on the CD interface per 1000 copies released.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8. | Min.Requirement : 1G RAM

CASHNET Download Online Demo

Glossary | Audio | Test questions | Games | Price: N1500

CASHNET is an adoption of the SYL’s Interactive VirtualClass bundled with a course on Entrepreneurship Skills Development. It is useful for small scale business owners as well as young Nigerians who intend to start their own businesses. The e-content also satisfies the present curricula demands for entrepreneurship skills amongst Nigerian secondary and tertiary school students. It allows for easy, self-paced learning, with a comprehensive walk through on basic business skills. It also feature a game that allows users experience the intrigues, pitfalls and fun associated with taking good business risks.CD sells for N1500 ($10) Only! Do you Use Visa Card, Master Card or Paypal, Pay here. PINs also available at your bank (Etranzact network)Product Description : SYL Virtual. For Technical Support, Please Call +234 8139737650 or +234 8038615445 or send an email to admin@sylmultimedia.com.
Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8. | Min.Requirement : 1G RAM



Career Guide| Psychometrics | Auto-Update

Virtual Counselling Guide (VCG) is better described as an unbiased profile of career opportunities offered in all tertiary institution in Nigeria . It is simply an effort to address the imbalance that have evolved in the choice of courses consequential to unfair relegation and neglect of the so called “Non –Professional Courses”. With the VCG, you may now search for courses offered in Nigerian tertiary institutions and get information with regards to talent requirements, academic requirements, prospects and relevance to national growth and development. You shall also get to know about individuals who have excelled in these fields, otherwise known as icons. To download and test the beta version of the VCG, please click here.
Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8. | Min.Requirement : 1G RAM


VIRTUALCLASS  Download Online Demo

Offline eLearning | Fully Interactive | Secure

44The VirtualClass is an educational interactive multimedia application which is user friendly. It was developed to provide an alternative study kit for students in tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Course content from any field of learning is delivered to the student on the computer interactive and engaging multimedia format. Text, pictures, video and animation pieces are all brought together to harmonise the subject discussed and to give the student a rich intrusive learning experience. VirtualClass also comes with a robust feedback System. The VirtualClass is secure with a custom built encryption system that utlises the SMS technology. This feature makes it suitable for Course administrators to implement offline eLearning without fear of Piracy, and lack of internet access. Please click here to download a demo.
Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8. | Min.Requirement : 1G RAM


DAYLIGHT FRENCH TUTOR   Download Online Demo

Language Tutor | Fully Interactive | Mobile App

The Daylight French interactive tutor will teaches the basics of the French Language. Some of the learning objectives are: Greetings and how to introduce yourself, The French alphabet, numbers, Days of the week, months of the year, and how to tell the date and time
, Nouns and naming objects in French, Pronouns, Verbs and the present tense, Negation, Professions, Nationality
, Prepositions and Adjectives , Verbs and the past tense and its negation, Verbs and the simple future tense and its negation and Parts of the body.please click here to download a demo.
Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8. | Min.Requirement : 1G RAM