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What will I learn during the EMTC?


At EMTC, we shall be teaching computer animations by adopting lead industry tools such as 3D studio Max, Blender 3D and Adobe Animate.


With fundamentals of HTML, CSS and Javascript, coupled with the industry advantage of Content Management systems like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, you are in for a mind blowing design experience at the EMTC!


You shall be learning the secrets of developing powerful desktop and mobile apps without having to bother about coding using user friendly development kits.


At EMTC, we shall empower you with digital audio production skills such as Capture, Sequencing, Noise Reduction and Mastering, with powerful audio rendering software such as Avid Pro Tools, ImageLine FL Studio and Adobe Audition.


You shall be learning how to professionally deliver high quality digital video materials by acquiring post-production skills such as non-linear video editing advanced video compositing with Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects and 3D studio Max.


At EMTC, we shall empower you with Computer Graphics Design principles and techniques for production of eye catching pieces for the print media and computer based media using industry standard tools such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, In-design and Corel Draw.

Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality

We are introducing Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence as core courses. You shall learn the principles and practise of AI and VR for delivering intelligent applications.